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“You’re a figment of my imagination, and yet somehow, these words I write make you appear so real.”
— H. Jenkins (Inside a Writer’s Mind)
"Midnight…" - One Direction Preference


The house was dark and quiet, aside from the crunching noises coming from Harry’s chewing. You giggled watching him shove another giant handful of M&Ms into his mouth. “See,” he mumbled, talking through the mess of chewed up candy, “told ya I could fit them all in at once.” Sticking out his tongue, he showed you the slobbery mess of rainbow color in his mouth. “Eww, Harry gross!” you shrieked. Shaking your head, you rolled your eyes at him in disgust, as you reached around him for the half empty container of chocolate chip ice cream. You sat side by side on the cool granite countertops, legs swinging lightly in the air. Every item of food in the house had been ripped from the cupboards and the refrigerator, and now sat sprawled across the length of the counter. The giant mess there as proof of your midnight snacking. “Your turn,” Harry insisted, grabbing the bag of M&Ms and handing them to you. “No way,” you grumbled, smirking at him, “I don’t wanna look gross like you.” Nudging his shoulder with yours, you hastily dumped the candy into the container. Harry chuckled, spraying a mountain of whip cream over the top of the ice cream, followed by a second squirt directly into his mouth.


The water was chilly against your bare skin, sending a wave of goose bumps along your arms and legs. “Brrr! Louis, it’s freezing,” you complained, wading into the deep water of the pool. Smirking at you, he chuckled, “come here. I’ll warm you right up.” He gestured with his index finger for you to come closer, blue eyes matching the cool depths of the water. Smiling, you felt the blush creep along your cheeks flushing them bright pink in the light of the star covered, midnight sky. Swimming to his side, he pulled you into his grasp. “You are so beautiful,” he hummed, grazing his lips lightly across your ear, leaving a trail of hot kisses after each word he spoke. Twisting your fingers in his wet, caramel hair, you relaxed into every kiss. Every word. Trailing his fingers slowly, skillfully down your back, he tugged on the stretchy ties of your bathing suit, undoing the knot in one swift motion. One of his strong hands holding you close, the other worshiped every contour of your body. Suddenly, you felt a whole new wave of pleasant shivers creep up your spine, as you gave into his gentle, tantalizing touch.


The air was warm for a midnight evening. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and every star seemed to glint and shine like a million tiny diamonds. You smiled into the night, content in having Zayn’s hand wrapped securely with your own. “Isn’t it beautiful,” you whispered, leaning into him as the two of you walked along the deserted, London streets. His chocolate eyes followed yours, gazing up at the clear nights sky. “Not nearly as beautiful as you,” he breathed, smiling as he placed a kiss to your forehead. Beaming back at him, you felt your heart do a backflip in your chest as you watched Zayn suddenly drop down onto one knee before you. “Zayn…” you gasped, one hand flying to your lips in shock. “(Y/N),” he murmured, gazing up at you, “I love you, more than anything in this world. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” Pulling out a small, black box he revealed a luminous diamond ring, taking the last of your breath away. “Yes, yes, of course,” you proclaimed, throwing your arms around him in astonishment. Lifting your feet from the ground, he crashed his lips to yours.


The humming of the radio filled the space of the car as Liam drove along the familiar winding streets. The sweet smell of midnight air engulfed you, filling your lungs with a calming breath of spring as it floated through the open window. The moon was the color of autumn leaves, sitting high up in the black sky above, lighting your path like a beacon. The clock on the dashboard read 12:01 as Liam smiled over at you where you sat in the passenger seat. One arm draped casually across the steering wheel, he took your smaller hand in his, slipping his fingers seamlessly through yours. It didn’t matter that this drive was spontaneous, with no real destination in mind. The thought of driving anywhere, with endless possibilities ahead of you felt like the best reality with Liam. As if he was thinking the very same thought, he gave your hand a gentle squeeze, and winked in your direction. “Just you and me, baby,” he whispered. Grinning happily, you shifted your weight to lean across the center of the car, resting your head contently on his broad shoulder. “You and me,” you repeated, heart light as he kissed the top of your head.


The barroom was loud, smoky, and crowded with people trying to drink their way to midnight. You and Niall had spent all night doing the same, growing tipsy, and increasingly more infatuated as the night crept on. You couldn’t have smiled any wider if you tried, heart pounding to the beat of the music. The two of you danced in the center of the packed dance floor. Niall kept your body pinned tight to his, his long, calloused fingers pressed flat to the small of your back. His lips brushed against your ear, breath hot against your clammy skin. The effects of the tequila filled drinks were settling into your brain, making your mind delightfully fuzzy. You smiled into his neck, biting playfully at his earlobe. “We should do this more often,” he mumbled, kissing your collarbone, as his hands slid lazily across your body. His Irish accent was thicker than usual, and you couldn’t help but giggle, adoring the playful demeanor that followed Niall’s drinking habits. “Yes,” you whispered, “yes, we should.” Sliding your dainty hands into the back pockets of his jeans, you gave his ass a frisky squeeze. His blue eyes shining with mischief, he lowered his lips to yours, covering your mouth in desperate kisses.  

2011 - 2014

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Liam fucking changes his tone in summer love and it's so beautiful

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