...the little things in life


Target Employee Ashton you always find in the music section a pair of large beats on his head tapping his hands against the glass counter to the beat who would take them off and smile at you whenever you walked past him


Imagine Ashton see you in the crowd with another guy flirting with you

Anonymous said: I dig that you're true to who you are and don't let anyone change you xx

Wow!! Thank you! This means a lot to me! xxx

Anonymous said: You're the sweetest and I don't believe you're 23. You're too nice to be 23. You're too cool. I'm in high school and I've seen 8th graders be really mean. You're too nice.

Ahaha! Well, thanks babe! :) xx

Anonymous said: I dig that you're always so sweet and cute <3

AWWWW!! Thank you darling!! I dig you, ya little sweetie! xxx