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this dude was like louis, no, stop but I’m like LOUIS PLS CONTINUE 


so here’s a masterpost of louis looking so cold and dark that he could make a tall muscled guy in leather and a bejeweled codpiece take a few steps back

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bombshellniall asked: No wait I loved it

HEHE! That’s what I LOVE to hear!! ;D

bombshellniall asked: The last pref was so brilliant I really enjoyed it. It made me smile I like it !

AWWW! Well thank you, lovely! That makes me smile!! :D xxx

"Borrowed Comfort" - One Direction Preference


You stopped, hand clutched in Liam’s as the two of you exited the local coffee shop in downtown London. “Liam,” you whispered meekly, gluing your feet nervously to the ground where you stood, “too many paparazzi.” Coffee eyes flicking from your worried face, to the flock of photographers swarming outside, he pressed a reassuring kiss quickly to your cheek. “It’s okay, babe,” he murmured, “I’ve got you.” In one swift motion, he pulled the black and red snapback he wore from his head, and placed it gently atop your smooth hair. Tugging the red brim down into place, he gave you a soft smile. Nodding cautiously at him, he shoved open the heavy coffee shop door, and slung one of his muscular arms securely around your narrow shoulders, pulling you protectively into him. Walking together, you kept your hat-protected head down, a satisfied smile pulling at your lips. 


Heels clicking against the pavement, the night air slowly washed the cloudy feeling from your brain as you walked down the street. Zayn stood close by, one hand entwined through yours, guiding you along. You could still feel the thumping of the bass from the club speakers, as if the music were playing inside your mind. “You okay?” Zayn mumbled, training his chocolate eyes on you in concern. “M’fine,” you slurred, teetering slightly in your four-inch, charcoal stilettos, “the breeze is just a little chilly.” You scrubbed your free hand along your bare arms as the wind kissed your porcelain skin. “Here,” he whispered, shrugging the black leather jacket from his back, “take this.” Carefully, he draped the warm fabric around your slender shoulders, shielding you from the cold. Smiling at the ground, you leaned into his touch. “Better?” he asked, smirking as he kissed you lightly on the lips.  


The soft cotton fabric had become like a security blanket, cocooning your body in Niall’s warm familiarity. You smiled to yourself as you slipped the white tee shirt over your petite body, chuckling softly at the sight of the black lettering that spelled out the words, Crazy Mofos across your chest. You slipped into the cool sheets of the king-sized bed; the thought of Niall leaving his favorite shirt behind for you to wear lulled you to sleep with a smile. As the night edged on, you stirred, the faint sound of movement pulling your from your dreams. There was a quiet sound of footsteps padding against the hardwood, followed by the soft squeak of the closed door as someone silently slipped into the room. The mattress shifted minimally as somebody slid in behind you. Slowly, you rolled over, met instantly by the bright blue topaz of Niall’s eyes. Beaming back at you, he whispered, “surprise, princess.”


Thunder boomed overhead, rattling the windows with its force as the rain pelted against the house. The living room was cast in shades of gray, each bolt of lighting momentarily lighting your face as it flashed across the gloomy sky outside. You let out an audible shiver, a chill climbing its way up your spine. Just then Harry walked back into the room, two steaming mugs of tea in his hands, dimples greeting you as he collapsed beside you on the worn sofa. “You cold?” he asked, running his long, slender fingers across your chilly arms. “A bit,” you shrugged, pulling the sleeves of your thin shirt down over your hands. “Take my sweatshirt,” he hummed, shedding the soft, navy blue hoodie. With a grateful smile, you slipped the warm sweatshirt over your head, allowing his familiar scent to engulf your senses. Tucking your nose into the cozy fabric, you settled in contently beside him. “Much better,” you breathed.


Rummaging through the half empty dresser drawers left behind in Louis’ absence, you searched for a piece of his clothing to wear. The time and distance between the two of you was slowly ripping your heart into broken pieces. You needed the comfort of his scent, the slightest familiarity of him, to stitch you together while he was away. Fingers closing around the soft, knit fabric of his burgundy beanie, your face split into a wide grin. “Perfect,” you whispered to yourself, tugging the hat into place over your ears, touched that Louis would leave his favorite hat behind for you. Just then your cell phone rang, Louis’ face lighting up the screen as his video call came through. “Hey beautiful. I’ve missed you,” he murmured, that warm smile in place on his smooth lips, “I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to see you. Even if only for a minute.” Heart skipping an extra beat, you smiled back at him through the camera phone, “missing you too, Lou,” you crooned, free hand running absentmindedly along the edge of the hat on your head. 

niall wearing black recently x/x

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Niall in Madrid today. (22/4/14) x/x/x

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@Real_Liam_Payne:I’m so fat that when i twerk I become a wrecking ball

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